Akruti Fertility Centre has the most advanced IVF laboratory with 7 (seven) Layers of Air filtration system to Keep the inside air absolutely pure. In just 10 minutes 100% of the laboratory air is filtered leaving no scope for any kind of impure air.

The whole laboratory is build with very high grade 100% solid metal walls & special flooring (Epoxy) for zero dust.

Special hi-tech suits, Special shoes, Head cap & mask for Laboratory people to work inside, everyone to strictly follow the protocol of cleanliness & hygiene every time they step inside the Laboratory.

100% UPS power back up for the whole laboratory & all critical equipment’s. Various sensors & gadgets to provide online data & report for the smooth functioning of the critical equipment’s.

Special commercial grade Air Conditioner system with additional air purification capability, a constant temperature is maintained for optimal functioning of the equipment’s.


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