Advance Intra Uterine Insemination - IUI

Advance IUI12Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) is a process in which the doctor using a medical device places husbands processed sperms directly in the wife’s uterus.

Who needs this?

  • Couples unable to conceive post advance natural ovulation studies.
  • Couple unable to conceive post regular IUI.
  • Couple diagnosed with mild male infertility
  • If husband has erectile dysfunction (impotence)
  • If wife age above 35 years & planning for a baby.
Why Akruti?
Akruti Fertility Centre has its own proprietary customized Advance-IUI process, which increases the pregnancy success rate by up to 200% as compared to a normal IUI (Research presented at ISAR Conference (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction).
When to Visit?
  • Wife needs to visit the IVF centre at Day 2 of the mensuration cycle.
  • First visit will be for counselling & diagnosis (sonography & blood test).
  • A sonographic evaluation is needed to find any minor anatomical defects.
  • A detail counselling of husband for the sperm health test is done.
  • Post all reports patient might be advised minor diagnostic procedure (Hysteroscopy) for further course of action.
  • With appropriate reports & results the Advacne IUI will be performed on predecided date.


IUI a relatively simple procedure as compared to IVF or ICSI, however patients’ needs to be cautious.

Repeated IUI’s after four failed attempts is not advisable as it reduces the pregnancy chances, but most of the IVF hospitals keep performing several IUI on the same patient because it is cheap or it is the only procedure that they can perform.

Some IVF hospitals perform repeated IUI’s, in spite of the initial diagnosis & tests of the patient suggests IVF or ICSI, We have seen cases where other IVF hospitals have performed 10 to 20 failed IUI’s not only drastically reducing the chances of pregnancy but also putting patients life at Risk.

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