Freezing Embryo & Oocytes Fertility Preservation

Akruti Fertility Centre strongly believes in gender equality & women empowerment thus we have very a unique & first of its kind service in India.

Today women are excelling in every field & painting the sky with their success stories.  Education & job profile wise doing far better than most of the male counterparts. But when it comes to planning on starting a family they hardly have a choice.

After so much of education & Dream start to a wonderful corporate life ironically planning for a baby becomes the most difficult decision to take considering the fact that Motherhood is the greatest joy to women.

The dilemma of delaying the pregnancy for career adversely affects her chances to get pregnant.

Fertility Preservation also known as Social egg freezing, it is a wonderful option for single women in their early & late 20’s who are career oriented & want to achieve their goals & dreams before starting a family.

Hand retracting frozen sperm specimens used in invitro fertilization.
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