ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)


ICSI is a process in which carefully selected healthy sperm of Husband is injected inside the wife’s egg under the special microscope & it is kept along with special nutrients required for survival & growth in a specialized incubator which mimics the human body temperature & conditions to help the sperm injected egg to form an Embryo.

Who needs this?

  • High levels of abnormal sperms
  • Low sperm count in the semen sample
  • Low mortality of the sperm
  • Sperm extraction from testicles or epididymis (TESE / MESA) done for Husband
  • Husband sperm Immature (low mobility) thus IVF not possible
  • Spontaneous fertilization failure in-spite of good semen analysis report. 
  • Couples whose IUI was not successful.
  • Couples opted for genetic testing of embryos (as only one sperm is injected)
  • If Age more than 33 years with unsuccessful ovulation Study

IMSI (Intra cytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection)


IMSI is an advance version of ICSI, in IMSI the best healthy sperm is morphologically shortlisted, this is done using a very high end advance microscope that has a amazing capability to magnify the sperm.

Who needs this?

  • Wife Fallopian tubes are absent or blocked.
  • Wife diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis.
  •  Male sperm health test is sub-fertile (mildly to moderate sperm problems)
  • Couple whose IUI was not successful.
  • If wife age more than 33 years with unsuccessful ovulation study.


Why Akruti?

  • India’s fastest adopters of proven Cutting edge technologies like Time Lapse, Laser assisted hatching, MACS & many more.

  • State of the art Advance laboratory (Class II) clean room with 7 layer air filtration system (with HEPA) & Pressurized Air Lock system.

  • Standalone Biosafety cabinet with in build double HEPA filter system for enhanced safety & zero contamination of sperm sample processing

  • Advance laminar air flow (with multiple workstations & giant inbuilt screen) with built-in incubator for faster & accurate processing of human gametes.

  • 27 years of Fertility experience with unmatchable patient care & management.


When to Visit?

  • Wife needs to visit the IVF centre at Day 2 of the mensuration cycle.
  • First visit will be for counselling & diagnosis & previous fertility history (sonography & blood test).
  • A sonographic evaluation is needed to check Egg quality & any other minor anatomical defects.
  • Counselling of husband for the sperm health test is done.
  • A detail Counselling of the couple is done to explain the detail issue to couple.
  • Post all reports patient might be advised diagnostic procedure (Hysteroscopy or laparoscopy) for further course of action.
  • Post diagnostic procedure & detail diagnosis pre-IVF treatment plan is charted out for couple.
  • Regular follow ups to ascertain complete readiness to undergo IVF(ICSI/IMSI).
  • Pre-Treatment duration can vary depending on patient health conditions to maximise chances of pregnancy in first IVF(ICSI/IMSI) cycle.
  • With completed pre-treatment IVF the IVF(ICSI/IMSI) treatment cycle is started from Day 2 of menstrual cycle or day 18 to 20 of menstrual cycle.
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