Advance Time Lapse IVF

Time Lapse was a break through in IVF industtry, And The New generation Advance Time lapse Machine is a revolution which has given a technological edge to improve the success rate drastically

Akruti Fertility Centre is the First & only IVF Hospital in India to have this Super Advance Machine.

Advance Time Lapse is based on a software & a complex algorithm based on “Morphokinetic”.

Time Lapse Machine Records the growth of Human eggs from start (Oocyte) to the Maturity stage (Blastocyst) & on the basis of the growth cycle it derives a statistical pattern & important milestone checkpoints.

These data are analyzed by the Genetic Expert Scientist & on the basis of the growth pattern data, only the best quality embryos with the most probable chance of pregnancy are chosen for transfer to the patient’s body.

At Akruti our scientist are further customizing the complex algorithm to improve the success rate to a never before achieved levels.

akruti time lapse 5
akruti time lapse 4
akruti time lapse 3
akruti time lapse 2

Advantages of Time Lapse

Selecting Best Quality Embryo –

With Time Lapse data helps the Scientists for accurate decision making & selecting only the best quality embryos which are capable of giving pregnancy to the Couple.

Blessing for Failed cycle & miscarriage patients – 

Time Lapse is a boon to the patients with repeated IVF/ICSI cycle failure and females with recurrent miscarriage problem as the best quality embryo selection greatly improves the success ratio & drastically reduces the miscarriage chances.

Removing Embryos with chromosomal abnormalities – 

With Time Lapse Data the Genetic Expert Scientist can discard the embryo with chromosomal abnormalities which is next to impossible without Time Lapse Machine. If Embryos are not shortlisted through Time lapse then the next probable detection point to identify the chromosomally abnormal embryos is during the sonography by the Sonologist/Radiologist done during the pregnancy period for abnormal fetal detection, which can be very emotionally devastating to the couple.

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