Artificial oocyte activation2Assisted Oocyte Activation is a laboratory procedure done along with ICSI/IMSI to prevent failure of oocyte fertilization in the couple.

In 5-10% of patients  undergoing IVF, there exists a deficiency of a  protein  (PlCzeta) which prevents ‘Calcium Waves’ to form inside the Oocyte that helps in Fertilization(fusion) of sperm and egg.. A lack of ‘Calcium waves’ in the Oocyte causes ‘Failed Fertilization’ or ‘Fertilization Failure’.

Oocyte Activation is the specialized lab procedure that helps formation of ‘Calcium waves’ in the Oocyte when Sperm is injected by ICSI /IMSI.

Patients facing this problem go on to have normal growing embryos and good pregnancy rates post embryo transfer.

Who Needs It?

  • Patients with previous Failed Fertilization  in IVF or ICSI
  • Patients with embryo growth arrest
  • Patients with lower embryo quality
  • Patients with moderate to severe male infertility
  • Patients with male partner with high DNA Fragmentation Index

Below patients are at Higher Risk of facing this problem

  • Patients with previous IUI failures
  • Patients with unexplained infertility

Why Akruti ?

For each case, Our Genetic Counsellor may suggest Oocyte Activation  dependent on the Couple’s previous Fertility and Treatment History .

Akruti Fertility Centre has experienced embryologists who have handled numerous such cases over the years. And our  laboratory  always has the  specialized protocol and culture media on hand to  evaluate and identify the problem and solve it proactively.

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