IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF4In IVF the wife’s eggs (oocyte) & husbands sperms (semen) are placed in a special dish inside the laboratory incubator to fertilize & form an embryo. 

(An incubator mimics the female uterus conditions like temperature, humidity & other essential gasses & supports the growth & fertilization)


 Who needs this?

  • Wife’s Fallopian tubes are absent or blocked.
  • Wife diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis.
  • Male sperm health test is sub-fertile (mildly to moderate sperm problems)
  • Couples whose IUI was not successful.
  • If age more than 33 years with unsuccessful ovulation study.


Why Akruti?

  • India’s fastest adopters of proven Cutting edge technologies like Time Lapse, Laser assisted hatching, MACS & many more.

  • State of the art Advance laboratory (Class II) clean room with 7 layer air filtration system (with HEPA) & Pressurized Air Lock system.

  • Standalone Biosafety cabinet with in build double HEPA filter system for enhanced safety & zero contamination of sperm sample processing

  • Advance laminar air flow (with multiple workstations & giant inbuilt screen) with built-in incubator for faster & accurate processing of human gametes.

  • 27 years of Fertility experience with unmatchable patient care & management.

When to Visit?

  • Wife needs to visit the IVF centre at Day 2 of the mensuration cycle.
  • First visit will be for counselling & diagnosis & previous fertility history (sonography & blood test).
  • A sonographic evaluation is needed to check Egg quality & any other minor anatomical defects.
  • Counselling of husband for the sperm health test is done.
  • A detail Counselling of the couple is done to explain the detail issue to couple.
  • Post all reports patient might be advised diagnostic procedure (Hysteroscopy or laparoscopy) for further course of action.
  • Post diagnostic procedure & detail diagnosis pre-IVF treatment plan is charted out for couple.
  • Regular follow ups to ascertain complete readiness to undergo IVF.
  • Pre-Treatment duration can vary depending on patient health conditions to maximise chances of pregnancy in first IVF cycle.
  • With completed pre-treatment IVF the IVF treatment cycle is started from Day 2 of menstrual cycle or day 18 to 20 of menstrual cycle. 
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