DNA Fragmentation Test


In India About 40 to 50% cases of infertility can be associated with male factor, thus simple semen test that measures count, concentration, motility & morphology is not sufficient as they do not provide any information about genetics of sperm (DNA fragmentation).  DNA fragmentation is higher means more damaged sperm, a genetically damaged sperm can effect embryo development & may result in;

  • Implantation failure (failed IVF cycle)
  • Recurrent Miscarriage
  • Abnormalities in the new born child
  • Increased chances of childhood cancer.



Sperm Processing – 

The sample of healthy sperms of a husband is obtained & this Husband sperm sample goes through a special wash & processing which removes dead & defective sperms along with other unwanted substances.

Basic Definitions for Semen (Sperm) Quality :

1) Azoospermia – Absence of sperm (Zero Sperm) in the ejaculated semen sample.
2) Oligospermia – the Very low presence of Sperm in an ejaculated semen sample.
3) Aspermia – Absence of Semen or retrograde Ejaculation.
4) NecroZoospermia – Very low Healthy sperm & high presence of dead/defective sperms.
5) Teratozoospermia – a Low percentage of Morphologically Normal Sperm.


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