Advance Natural Ovulation Study

Ovulation study also known as “follicular monitoring” is a Visual assessment (sonography) of the females monthly cycle of egg (oocyte) development in the ovaries.

Who needs this?

  • Couples tried naturally & yet to get pregnant

Why Akruti?

  • With several ovulation studies conducted for precise ovulation tracking.
  • At Akruti the Fertility Ultrasound (Sonography) study is done in colour Doppler which helps in an accurate study of the growth & maturity of the eggs inside female body.

 When to Visit?

  • Wife needs to visit the IVF centre at Day 2 of the mensuration cycle.
  • Akruti perform Follicular Scans of the Wife at 3 Day Intervals to time the Ovulation accurately (Time when an egg is released from the ovary).
Advance Natural Ovulation Study
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