Endometrial rejuvenation is a process where the Fertility experts diagnose the present health condition of the endometrium (via sonography) & by various means of medication & other support makes the endometrium capable of holding & supporting an Embryo thus resulting in higher chances of pregnancy.

A good Endometrium (Baby’s Home & nutrient provider) is very important for successful pregnancy, despite having good embryos if the Endometrium is not good the implantation (i.e. the embryo will not get attached to the Endometrium) of embryo will not happen thus no pregnancy or a miscarriage later (as embryo does not get sufficient support from bad endometrium.

Yes endometrium preparation takes time, as it depends upon how good or bad the health status of the endometrium.

9_weeks_past_ovulationIn some cases it takes months for the fertility expert to prepare a good endometrium. Thus till the time endometrium is not good there is no point doing the embryo transfer if done so the cycle is destined to fail.

At Akruti he fertility experts spends considerable duration of time preparing a good endometrium so as to get higher chances of pregnancy.

In this fast world usually the IVF hospitals or clinics do not put this much of time for preparing the wife’s endometrium, At Akruti we have a result oriented approach with a very personal & customised treatment done by the senior fertility experts.

Each case is discussed by the panel of fertility experts & Senior Embryologists to derive the best suitable protocol for treatment to each & every patient.



Who needs this?

  • Wife Endometrium is very thin
  • Endometrium quality not fit to hold pregnancy
  • Recurrent Implantation Failure
  • Loss of pregnancy
  • Ectopic pregnancies caused due to embryo not implanting on non-developing endometrium


Why Choose Akruti?

At Akruti we have a successful program of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a therapy for which promotes tissue healing thus improving the thin endometrium problem affecting almost 20% of females facing infertility.PRPsmall

PRP is a proven treatment which is already used in Cosmetology for skin healing, Hair regrowth & many other benefits.

Often a lot of IVF cycle are cancelled / postponed due to thin endometrium, a thin endometrium causes problems of implantation failure, loss of pregnancy, ectopic pregnancies caused due to embryo not implanting on non-developing endometrium. (An endometrium is the food & nutrition source for Embryo to grow & develop into babies)

Current therapies for treating thin endometrium are either hormonal or mechanical where endometrium is scratched and the growth factors are activated in the area where disturbance is created in endometrium causing growth. However, in patients with genetic factors, and slower development of endometrium, these processes fail. 

Our body produces growth factors in our own blood on a daily basis. The platelets in our blood release these growth factors and the body uses them to heal any injuries or bleeding caused by trauma inside the body. For example, if you fall down and get a scratch which is bleeding, if you press down the wound for some time, the platelets collect in this area and release growth factors and clotting factors to start healing, The body heals itself in this way. 

Using this healing properties of growth factors , in Endometrium Rejuvenation, we let the endometrium heal itself (grow ) by collecting patient’s own blood and enriching platelets and growth factors using a specially designed protocol in our laboratories. 

Once this is enriched, these activated growth factors are immediately infused within the uterus of the female at the correct time to increase growth of endometrium up to 5 times (500%) more than hormonal or mechanical methods. 

Akruti Fertility Centre follows the International standardized protocols for using patient’s own growth factors to improve thickness of endometrium and leads to higher pregnancy rates, reduced abortion rates and hope to females whose endometrium is non-supportive to achieve pregnancy in their own uterus. 

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