Freezing Embryo & Oocytes Fertility Preservation

Akruti Fertility Centre strongly believes in gender equality & women empowerment thus we have very a unique & first of its kind service in India.

Today women are excelling in every field & painting the sky with their success stories.  Education & job profile wise doing far better than most of the male counterparts. But when it comes to planning on starting a family they hardly have a choice.

After so much of education & Dream start to a wonderful corporate life ironically planning for a baby becomes the most difficult decision to take considering the fact that Motherhood is the greatest joy to women.

The dilemma of delaying the pregnancy for career adversely affects her chances to get pregnant.

Fertility Preservation also known as Social egg freezing, it is a wonderful option for single women in their early & late 20’s who are career oriented & want to achieve their goals & dreams before starting a family.

Freezing Embryo
Hand retracting frozen sperm specimens used in invitro fertilization.

Females are most fertile from the age 21 to 29 years after 29 female’s fertility (egg quality) starts declining & as the female age progress, her chances of getting pregnant go down drastically. Also, the chance of miscarriage & health issues to mother & baby increases significantly.

Women who choose to freeze her eggs at the right age can preserve her highly fertile eggs (Oocyte) and after several years can use these healthy eggs to get pregnant, which otherwise is difficult & might have to shell out more money later.

Fertility preservation is very cost effective method gives women freedom & mental peace, as they can relax & focus on their career goals & strive to achieve their dreams.

This frozen egg (Oocyte) provides insurance just in case the female loses her fertility due to various factors like getting old, Cancer, Primary ovarian failure etc. or any unforeseen accident.

Oocyte Freezing–  

Eggs(oocytes)  from the female are grown and taken out in a minor procedure. The eggs are stored using special vitrification technology and provides an extra insurance layer to the female, who wishes to start a family at a later stage of her life.

Embryo freezing – 

An embryo is formed when a woman (wife) egg (oocyte) is inserted with Husband’s sperm & kept in a special incubator to grow & form an Embryo, forming embryo provides an extra insurance layer to the couple who wish to start a family at a later stage of their life.
Ovarian Freezing  : 

Akruti Fertility Centre also stores ovaries of cancer patients to help them become mothers later in life when they are free of cancer after treatment

Frequently Asked Questions :

A woman only has a limited number of eggs in her body since her period starts. Every month she loses one to two eggs during her periods. 

A woman is in her peak fertility (egg quality) in her early 20’s and after 30 her fertility (Egg Quality) and number starts decreasing drastically & thus complicated & expensive treatments are required & most of the time Egg donation or adoption is the only option left after a loss of eggs in her body.
(Eggs are produced in a female’s body, which later develops into a baby with the help of male sperms)

We all have seen some Sci-Fi movies where a long frozen human is brought back to life (Captain America 2)
“Vitrification” is exactly the same technology. A woman who wants to delay her pregnancy to pursue her education, career or any other reasons, can freeze her eggs & later after several years can use the frozen eggs to become a mother.

Though the women may grow old her frozen egg health will remain the same for several years, 

thus even in her late 30’s or early 40’s she has the same chance of a woman in her 20’s (frozen egg age) for becoming a mother.

  • At  Akruti Fertility Centre, we come across various complicated issues faced by women; some of the issues are listed below;
  • No eggs produced by the women body
  • Bad quality eggs produced which cannot give pregnancy or
  • Lower quality eggs produced which increases the chances of frequent miscarriages.
  • Irregular menstrual periods.
  • Obesity, Diabetics, PCOD & hypertension

These are few of the problems apart from this there are various factors which seriously affect women’s dream of the journey to motherhood.

All of the above problems can be bypassed by a simple decision, “Choosing to freeze your eggs at right time”

Cellsure Biotech & Research Centre is our OFFICIAL Egg Bank will help you realize your fertility freedom & live a tension free life to concentrate on your important Goals.


Cellsure Biotech & Research Centre is India’s First & only Egg bank, being a subsidiary of a renowned fertility hospital 

Akruti Fertility Centre, having a Rich history of more than 26 years in the field of Fertility guidance.

At Cellsure Biotech, Numerous career aspiring women have chosen to freeze their eggs&  Cellsure as a bank has the largest numbers of stored frozen eggs in entire southern Asia.

Cellsure Biotech has already successfully achieved numerous pregnancies with these frozen eggs, with it’s proven, time-tested & successful proprietary technology, customized & brought to India by Dr Sayali Kale Kandari.

Dr Sayali Kale Kandari is the founder of Cellsure Biotech & Research Centre, a Scientist & a Research scholar in the field of Fertility & Reproductive Biology; she has been a super achiever throughout her academic life, receiving various scholarships, awards & accolades.

She has completed her M.S (Masters) in Fertility & Reproductive Biology from top 5 Ivy League colleges of the world “Northwestern University” situated in Chicago USA. She has worked with the most imminent Scientists in Cancer Fertility preservation, in one of the top renowned Research Laboratory of USA, “Robert H Lurie Medical Research Centre”. 

She is an Author of Various Research Papers & Abstracts which has been published in various Research American Journals like American Hematology Society & many others. She has received an award from IIT Bombay, for Life Science Research and also been named among the Top 5 innovators for Project in Life science by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) & the prestigious Lockheed Martin USA.

She is a permanent member & Guest faculty in Academy of Clinical Embryologists,
member of Alpha-Scientists in Reproductive Medicine & much other ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) organizations like ESHRE, ISAR, ACE, IFS etc.

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