Get Egg (Oocyte) & Embryo Donation

Akruti Fertility Centre is India’s First IVF center which has a tie-up with India’s First & only Egg (Oocyte) Bank “Cellsure Biotech & Research Centre

Cellsure Biotech is India’s Only Egg (Oocyte) bank which has a variety of donor eggs available in stock from across the region & ethnicity of India, Cellsure Biotech is also capable of providing Foreign Donor eggs on prior request.

Courtesy of Cellsure Biotech, Egg Donation at Akruti Fertility Centre is hassle free & is available in a very short duration of a couple of days with features matching facility with the Donor Eggs.
Other IVF hospitals do not have this Service facility From Cellsure Biotech thus for donor Egg they take months to search for the donor & then inducing them for Oocyte & in most cases these donor does not produce any oocyte thus wasting the Patient Couple’s money & precious time.

Cellsure Biotech provides Donor Eggs (Oocytes) from selected very healthy donors below the age of 27 years & as all the donors go through a series of stringent medical tests as per International Standards & only after passing all the medical test the donor is allowed to donate Egg (Oocyte).

Oocytes Donation

Oocyte Donation is required in below case scenarios:-

Case I – 

When a female’s (wife) body is not able to create the Egg which develops into a baby after husband sperm introduction, An ideal case for Egg donation.

Case II – 

The female body is creating a defective or a weak Egg which does not have the capability to produce a baby thus results in implantation failure or miscarriage.

Embryo Donation


Akruti Fertility Centre, by having a tie-up with India’s First & Only Egg (Oocyte) Bank & lot of Sperm banks across the country provides you embryo donation at a very short duration of a couple of days.

Embryo formation – An embryo is formed when a donor sperm is inserted inside the Donor Egg (Oocyte) by performing ICSI procedure.

“Other IVF hospitals take donor sperms & search for an Egg donor for months & have to induce any egg donor…

…thus resulting in a failed cycle, nonmatching donors, therefore, wasting money & precious time of the Patient Couple.”

Akruti Fertility Centre having a full time Expert Genetic counsellor & among very few centres’ across India to have a license to perform a PGD (Pre Genetic Diagnosis) & other highly specialists Genetic test which can scan for more than 500 various genetic & other decreases if demanded by patients.

Couples in which Husband sperm health is not good & wife’s body is not able to create the Egg or produces a defective or a weak Egg which does not have the capability to produce a baby thus result in implantation failure or miscarriage is an ideal case for embryo donation.

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