9_weeks_past_ovulationEmbryo transfer is one of the most critical procedures in IVF treatment & a lot of patient has a problem of Embryo implantation failure.

There are several reasons for embryo implantation failure despite a good transfer & the most common problem is failure of the female endometrium to produce a sticky matrix to catch/stick the Embryo (Blastocyst).

Earlier there was no solution thus embryo implantation failure used to cause the cycle failure thus wasting the money & more importantly the time & mental agony.

Now Scientist has developed an external sticky matrix (Fluid) called EmbryoGlue, the glue helps the embryo to stick to the endometrium.

At Akruti this wonder glue is used for the required patients only thus increasing the success rate drastically.

Optimized embryo transfer with EmbryoGlue®EM Glue small2

EmbryoGlue® contains high concentration of hyaluronan (0.5 mg/mL) and low concentration of recombinant human albumin. It is uniquely developed to mimic the conditions in the female uterus in order to help embryos implant after transfer. Albumin, highly abundant in the female reproduction tract, serves as a source of energy and as a reservoir for the release of hormones, vitamins, and metals.  Hyaluronan is present in the oviduct and uterine fluids, increases up to the time of implantation and decreases to near basal levels by the next day, indicating that it is important for implantation.  It also indirectly promotes angiogenesis. By virtue of these properties, it improves apposition and attachment of embryos which are key steps in the process of implantation. It also increases viscosity, which promotes easy handling, facilitating ET process, and by virtue of apposition, it prevents expulsion of embryos from uterine cavity post transfer.

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