IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization)

IVF4In IVF the wife’s eggs (oocyte) & husbands sperms (semen) are placed in a special dish inside the laboratory incubator to fertilize & form an embryo. 

(An incubator mimics the female uterus conditions like temperature, humidity & other essential gasses & supports the growth & fertilization)


 Who needs this?

  • Wife’s Fallopian tubes are absent or blocked.
  • Wife diagnosed with moderate to severe endometriosis.
  • Male sperm health test is sub-fertile (mildly to moderate sperm problems)
  • Couples whose IUI was not successful.
  • If age more than 33 years with unsuccessful ovulation study.


Why Akruti?

  • First in India to use Advance Time Lapse system with complex algorithmic software based on “Morphokinetic”

  • India’s fastest adopters of proven Cutting edge technologies like Time Lapse, Laser assisted hatching, MACS & many more.

  • State of the art Advance laboratory (Class II) clean room with 7 layer air filtration system (with HEPA) & Pressurized Air Lock system.

  • Advanced Incubators with unmatchable real life bio-mimicking (creating 100% mother’s womb like condition for eggs to grow) for highest success rate

  • Standalone Biosafety cabinet with in build double HEPA filter system for enhanced safety & zero contamination of sperm sample processing

  • Advance laminar air flow (with multiple workstations & giant inbuilt screen) with built-in incubator for faster & accurate processing of human gametes.

  • Unique patient Barcoding system for zero errors (used in end to end operations & processing)

  • 27 years of Fertility experience with unmatchable patient care & management.

  • Customised & Personalised advance fertility treatments for each & every individual patient.

  • Each Patient case is discussed with a team of doctors & Reproductive scientists / Genetic Expert.

  • Maximum blastocyst embryo transfer resulting in highest live birth rate per IVF done.

  • Special tie-up with India’s Fisrt (South Asia’s First) egg Bank Cellsure Biotech providing donor eggs & embryo in a unmatchable short record time of 3 hrs (Only Akruti gets this service in India)


When to Visit?

  • Wife needs to visit the IVF centre at Day 2 of the mensuration cycle.
  • First visit will be for counselling & diagnosis & previous fertility history (sonography & blood test).
  • A sonographic evaluation is needed to check Egg quality & any other minor anatomical defects.
  • Counselling of husband for the sperm health test is done.
  • A detail Counselling of the couple is done to explain the detail issue to couple.
  • Post all reports patient might be advised diagnostic procedure (Hysteroscopy or laparoscopy) for further course of action.
  • Post diagnostic procedure & detail diagnosis pre-IVF treatment plan is charted out for couple.
  • Regular follow ups to ascertain complete readiness to undergo IVF.
  • Pre-Treatment duration can vary depending on patient health conditions to maximise chances of pregnancy in first IVF cycle.
  • With completed pre-treatment IVF the IVF treatment cycle is started from Day 2 of menstrual cycle or day 18 to 20 of menstrual cycle. 

Before the procedure – 

Husband sperm sample is collected in advance & frozen, This frozen husband sperm acts as an insurance for the couple & can save the IVF cycle cancellation if husband cannot give sperm sample on the day of procedure or he is not available at the time of procedure due to some work or emergency, under such circumstances this frozen husband sample can be used.

Sperm Processing – 

Obtained Husband sperm sample goes through a special wash & processing which removes dead & defective sperms along with other unwanted substances.
Note** (Portable Box for sperm collection at home available at additional cost)

Wife’s Egg Pick up – 

To retrieve Wife eggs, she is given injections & other oral medicines as per the wife’s body diagnosis & after some days the egg is taken out from the wife’s body.

IVF – 

Husband Sperm & wife eggs are placed together along with special nutrients required for survival & growth in a specialized incubator which mimics the human body temperature & conditions to help the sperm to go inside the egg & form an Embryo.

This developed embryo is then transferred into wife’s uterus ( Embryo Transfer) where it will grow further & can result in successful pregnancy.

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