I Got the reference of clinic from one of my friend . When I came first time I was little worried as how will be the doctor and other supporting staff. But after my visit I was so happy .Dr Kale is awesome she understands your problem so easily and treat you açcordingly. The supporting staff is also very helpful and very friendly . I have already recommended Akruti to 2 of my friends.Keep doing good work Akruti . 

Thank you & All the best

Mr & Mrs Prajkta Thool

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Excellent approach and diagnosis methodology. Very good staff and nice doctor. Am very happy with the kind of treatment we got from this hospital. Highly recommended for all those who are looking for quality treatment. Thanx a lot.


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With 2 failed cycles in 2 different centres my friend suggested Akruti Fertility Centre, at Akruti Doctor & the genetic expert suggested Time Lapse cycle. Reluctantly we took the Time lapse cycle, before transfer we were called & shown our developed 5 embryos live (no other centre did this).

But when the genetic expert showed us the video of 5 days of development of the embryos we were amazed (what a technology). Genetic expert also showed us the caparison video of our embryos and a normal embryo, thus we understood that out of 5 healthy looking embryos only 2 were capable of providing pregnancy. Thanks god we took time lapse & because if the other 3 rejected embryos were taken for transfer it would have resulted in either no pregnancy or even more dangerous case of miscarriage. We are so indebted to Akruti fertility centre.
Today we are a super happy parent of 1 year old baby.


Anil Varma

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My first child is 5 years old wanted second child but we were unable to conceive, thus we visited several IVF centres in vicinity but were very disappointed with the way they spoke to us & directly asked us to start a treatment cycle without explaining us what is the problem. Sadly we went ahead with one centre & our cycle failed I went into depression & stopped treatment after that. One day I read a newspaper article of Akruti fertility centre I was so impressed that we went there to inquire & after meeting the doctor & diagnosis we got to know that my husband semen had some problem which was solved by a MACS a sperm quality enhancing test, since the count was very low we did ICSI & now I am 3 months pregnant.
Thank you Akruti

Alisha Singh

We took an IVF cycle quote in Akruti & one more centre and decided to do IVF with another centre as they gave a lower quote for cycle, but we got a rude shock of our life. Midway in the cycle this centre asked us more money saying more medicines are needed, we requested them to stick to their cost commitment but they refused & said if we don’t pay & buy additional injections the cycle will fail. We had no other options but to pay, we felt cheated. Thus we were not surprised when the cycle failed as we had already realised that we made mistake by choosing this centre.
I was too shy to go back to Akruti but my wife was literally crying so we took a call to visit Akruti and apologised to the doctor, the doctor explained us that if somebody is giving you a lower cost it highly likely that the quality will be compromised. The doctor started our cycle in the same cost which was committed to us with no extra charges. The doctor explained us the difference in the quality of treatment & infrastructure between Akruti & other generic centres. Truly Akruti fertility centre is class apart and way ahead in technology & medical knowhow.
When we saw the two lines on the pregnancy test we both were speechless & my wife was crying uncontrollably, today is the happiest day of our life finally the baby is in our arms, truly the joy of becoming parent has no match with any other happiness.
Kudos to Akruti, kept it up & keep helping lost & confused patients like us. (https://goo.gl/maps/4wpX7LVrSb52)

Navin Kumar

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